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  • 7 Ideas for Budget-Friendly Pregnancy Photoshoot in Bangalore - StationXP
    July 20, 2024

    Are you looking for budget-friendly pregnancy photoshoot ideas in Bangalore? You’re in the right place.

    While maternity photography is a very satisfying moment for a parent, not all of them have a higher budget to do so. So, in this blog post, we’ll share 7 ideas for a cheap pregnancy photoshoot in Bangalore.

    What is Metarnity Photoshoot?

    Maternity photography involves capturing the mesmerizing moments of your pregnancy before the baby comes into the real world. As parents, many couples are taking the pregnancy seriously, and documenting every feeling and moment in pictures is an important part of that.

    There are countless maternity photography ideas, but these 10 inexpensive ideas for a pregnancy photoshoot Bangalore will help you capture the essential events of pregnancy while saving you tons of money in your pocket.

    Let’s start with the first idea –

    Using Natural Lighting:

    Capturing stunning images of maternity in natural light is easier than in artificial lighting, and it gives you a more natural and beautiful look. To save money, you can choose a location where natural light is easily available, such as a window. Ask your photographer which poses fit at different angles to get the most out of this idea. You can try shooting outdoors in the evening or morning light. Locations like the beach, garden, waterfalls, and parks can provide beautiful settings for your pregnancy photos.

    Advantage DIY Photoshoot:

    Another method is to carry out your pregnancy photoshoot in Bangalore by yourself. In a DIY (Do It Yourself) photoshoot, you can either use your smartphone or rent a camera if you’re skilled enough to use that. You can also enlist the help of family and friends for your DIY photoshoot. If someone in your circle has a camera that you can borrow, you can save on photography costs entirely.

    Own Decoration and Theme:

    To cut down on the cost of pregnancy photography, you can set up the decorations yourself. Use natural backgrounds and environments as much as possible. For indoor shoots, you can use your house and decorate it with inexpensive stuff such as balloons and ribbons. Use already available baby-related toys, and stuffed animals to set a theme for different photoshoots. Use combinations of colors and angles and take help from the photographer to capture vibrant images.

    Casual Attire:

    Instead of expensive pregnancy gowns, go with casual and comfortable clothes. Casuals like Flowy dresses, jeans, and a simple top work well. Even your husband’s button-down shirt can work and give an intimidating feeling to the image. You can choose a position like standing, sitting on a chair, leaning on a sofa, or sleeping on a bed. However, outdoor locations also fit really well with a pregnancy photoshoot in Bangalore.

    Incorporate Siblings and Pets:

    If you’re a pet lover, you can include them in pictures in different poses. You can also incorporate siblings into the picture if it’s not your first pregnancy. This will give you more poses and inspiration to capture happy pregnancy moments.

    Use Your House:

    Another idea for a pregnancy photoshoot in Bangalore is to use your house as inspiration. Take advantage of things you already have and then use them to create backgrounds, themes, and locations to keep capturing key moments of maternity. Some great examples include kitchens, bedrooms, plants, and private gardens.

    Opt for Simple Poses:

    Instead of investing in costly studio backgrounds, go for budget-friendly options. You can use simple poses to take pictures, such as hand to hand, sitting on bench in a park, water reflection images, in front of fire in a blanket, etc. These help you capture candid and natural moments to lock in genuine emotions as parents.

    Final Thoughts:

    A pregnancy photoshoot in Bangalore can be done without breaking the bank. You don’t always have to go with costly options. Bangalore is city of skyscraper buildings, parks, museums, etc. You can always take advantage of these facilities in the city for affordable maternity photography. Remember, there are always natural resources available, and you just need to brainstorm to come up with creative ideas for pregnancy photography.

    If you’re looking for maternity or newborn family photoshoot services in Bangalore, Klicpic can be your photography partner with extensive experience in different photoshoots.