June 20, 2024

Nirwan had always been a tech-savvy guy. He loved shopping online, especially on Flipkart, and ordering his favourite food from Swiggy. One day, his friend Reshma introduced him to the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, and it changed the way he looked at his expenses.

“Hey Nirwan, have you heard about the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card? It’s fantastic!” Reshma exclaimed.

Nirwan was intrigued. “Please, elaborate more,” he said.

Reshma began explaining, “Well, the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card offers amazing welcome benefits. When you make your first transaction using this card on Flipkart, you get Rs. 500 worth of Flipkart vouchers. Plus, if you use the code ‘AXISFKNEW’ on your first Swiggy order, you get a 50% instant discount up to Rs. 100. It’s like a warm welcome gift from the card.”

Nirwan was impressed, but he wanted to discover more. “What are the other benefits it offers?” he anxiously asked.

Reshma continued, “This card is like a cashback magnet. You get unlimited cashback on various categories. For instance, you get 5% unlimited cashback on Flipkart and Myntra, 4% on preferred merchants like Swiggy, Uber, PVR, and others, and 1.5% on all other merchants. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary airport lounge access and a fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs. 500 per month.”

Nirwan couldn’t believe his ears. “That’s incredible! Are there any restrictions?”

Reshma nodded, “Yes, there are a few exclusions. You won’t get cashback on fuel spends, purchasing gift cards on Flipkart and Myntra, EMI transactions, wallet loading, buying gold items, cash advances, or payments towards government services. But that’s a small trade-off for the benefits you receive.”

Nirwan was sold on the idea, but he had one more question. “What about dining benefits?”

Reshma smiled, “Ah, I’m glad you asked. With the Dining Delight offer, you can get a 15% cashback up to Rs. 500 on EazyDiner if you’re a non-prime member. Prime members enjoy even more benefits. It’s perfect for foodies like us.”

Nirwan was ready to apply for the card, and Reshma had more good news. “Wait, there’s more! You get a Flipkart gift voucher worth Rs. 500 on completing your first transaction at any merchant with the card. If you place an application for the get and get the approval, you will get another Rs 500 voucher of Flipkart whenever you perform your initial transaction on the site within 30 days.”

Nirwan was thrilled. “That’s like getting Rs. 1000 in Flipkart vouchers! What about fees?”

Reshma clarified, “The card has a joining fee of Rs. 500, which is charged in the first month’s statement. But don’t worry, the annual fee for the second year onwards is waived off if you spend Rs. 2 lakhs with the card within a year. Starting from August 12, 2023, this waiver applies on spends of 3.5 lakhs and above.”

Nirwan couldn’t wait to get his hands on the card. “How do I track the cashback I earn?”

Reshma explained, “It’s easy. You can check the cashback earned against each transaction in your monthly credit card statement issued by Axis Bank. If you are looking to track your purchases of Flipkart, then you must go to the page “order summary” and scroll to find the section “reward summary”.

Last question Nirwan had was, “Can I share this credit card with my near and dear ones?”

Reshma shook her head, “No, the ownership of the credit card cannot be transferred. It’s for your personal use.”

As Nirwan applied for the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, he couldn’t help but smile. It was like unlocking cashback and benefits, making every purchase more rewarding. It was a financial decision that felt just right, tailored for the tech-savvy shoppers like him in India.

Nirwan received his Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card within a few days, and he wasted no time in putting it to good use. His first transaction on Flipkart not only earned him Rs. 500 worth of Flipkart vouchers as a welcome benefit but also qualified him for the limited period incentive offer, which meant an additional Rs. 500 Flipkart Gift Card was on its way to his account.

As he went through the catalog of Flipkart, he realised this card had a lot of potential. With 5% unlimited cashback on Flipkart and Myntra purchases, he felt like a savvy shopper, knowing he was getting a great deal on everything he bought. His wardrobe quickly filled up with trendy outfits from Myntra, and his home had all the latest gadgets and appliances from Flipkart.

Nirwan also found himself enjoying the benefits of the Dining Delight offer. As a food lover, he frequently used his card to pay for meals at various restaurants through EazyDiner. The 15% cashback up to Rs. 500 was a delightful surprise every time he dined out with friends. He even convinced Reshma to join EazyDiner Prime, unlocking even more discounts and exclusive dining experiences.

But the card’s perks didn’t end there. Nirwan, an avid traveler, was excited about the complimentary airport lounge access. It made his travel experiences more comfortable and luxurious. Whether he was on a business trip or a weekend getaway, he looked forward to relaxing in the lounge before his flights.

One day, Nirwan decided to take a road trip with friends. He filled up his car’s tank at a nearby fuel station and was pleasantly surprised when he received a 1% fuel surcharge waiver. It was a small but meaningful benefit that added up over time, especially during long drives.

Nirwan’s monthly credit card statements showed him exactly how much cashback he was earning with every transaction. It was like watching his savings grow effortlessly. He loved logging into the Flipkart app, scrolling down to the ‘Reward Summary’ section, and seeing the cashback accumulate from his online shopping sprees.

With time, he realised that the annual fee waiver was also within reach. He strategically used his card for all his expenses, including utility bills and shopping, to ensure he reached the required spending threshold. The idea of not paying an annual fee in the coming years was a motivating factor for him.

Nirwan’s friends and family couldn’t help but be impressed by the benefits of his Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card. Some of them even applied for their own cards, inspired by his cashback stories and the ease of use.